Special Feature

At a Glance of Environmental Management

  • Videos of environmental activities

    Videos of environmental activities

    We would like to introduce animated images of the concept and activities of the Ricoh Group's environmental management system.

  • Ricoh Global Eco Action

    Ricoh Global Eco Action

    We would like to introduce the eco actions concurrently being pursued on World Environment Day by Ricoh Group companies around the world.

  • Life of Ricoh Multifunctional Printer

    Life of Ricoh Multifunctional Printer

    Through the use of interesting illustrations, we would like to introduce environmental activities we undertake throughout the lifecycle of a multifunctional printer.

  • Ricoh Eco Billboards

    Ricoh Eco Billboards

    We would like to introduce our eco billboards displayed around the world.

Conservation of Biodiversity

Useful Information and Tools

  • Biodiversity Action Handbook

    Biodiversity Action Handbook

    Based on "Ricoh Biodiversity Policy" estabilshed in March 2009, this was published for the Ricoh group employees and designed to carry it in their pockets.


For Consumers

For Supplier Companies


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