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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct

6. Coexistence with the community

The Ricoh Group will respect the culture and customs of its country or region, considering, stakeholders' views, engage in continuous activities for priority areas set so as to contribute to society with intent and responsibility.

(1) Respect the world’s cultures and customs

Officers and Employees must act with the necessary respect for the history, culture and customs of the various nations and regions within which they operate.

(2) Engage in activities that contribute to the local community

Officers and Employees, because they want the Ricoh Group to be welcome, familiar and trusted in local society, should strive to work closely with that community, making contributions to it that will further the local culture and economy.

(3) Foster a corporate ethos that places importance on contributions to society

Officers and Employees should, by voluntary participation in activities, strive foster a corporate ethos that puts the proper value on social contributions.