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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct

5. Conservation of the global environment

The Ricoh Group will recognize environmental preservation as the responsibility of a global citizen, and through environmental technology innovation and sustainable environmental management, which means making the growth of our business compatible with environmental conservation, and with the participation of all employees, it has a responsibility to continuously engage in enhancing corporate values.

(1) Contribute to realization of decarbonizing society

Officers and employees are required to procure materials for raw materials and will tackle environmental load reduction activities at every stage including production stage, sales, logistics etc.

(2) Contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society

Officers and employees will globally promote thorough reduction of waste generation and resource loss and proper use of water.

(3) Tackle environmental risk reduction activities

Officers and employees will work on global ways to reduce the use and emission of chemical substances and pollution prevention based on the concept of risk management.

(4) Tackle biodiversity conservation

Officers and employees are working to reduce the impact on biodiversity and contribute to biodiversity conservation based on the fact that they benefit from living creatures and carry out business activities while affecting biodiversity positively.

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