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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct

4. Pursuit of attractive work & life

The Ricoh Group will establish a workplace environment where all officers, employees and cooperators can work securely, safely and comfortably, and will promote efficient and creative workplaces. Also, the Ricoh Group will create an environment that allows all employees to work flexibly, and an environment that is compatible with parenting, nursing care, treatment, etc., and help each and every individual to work lively and maximize performance of individuals and teams, so that it will realize "development of company" and "happiness of individuals".

(1) Create safe and clean workplace environment

Officers and Employees shall endeavor to prevention of occupational accidents and create a secure, safe and comfortable workplace environment.

(2) Continue to raise the workplace environment through dialogue

Officers and Employees shall have the opportunity of consultation and dialogue, and brainstorm wisdom each other person and carry out consultation actively and constructively in order to create a better workplace environment.

(3) Realize work-life management with autonomous and flexible work way

Officers and Employees will enrich their work and enhance their lives by working style that suits to each job's characteristics and individual circumstances.