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New Core Area

Expanding and accelerating in new business domains

Healthcare business

Magnetoencephalograph showing the neural activity of the brain
Magnetoencephalograph showing the neural activity of the brain

Population aging in advanced nations, particularly in Japan, has created major social issues. These include surging healthcare costs and widening gaps in regional medical standards. The Ricoh Group entered the healthcare field to help overcome these challenges by drawing on its technological prowess.
Here, our three key focuses are the medical imaging, healthcare information technology, and biomedical domains.
In medical imaging, we will develop diagnostic systems and services. They include measurement instruments that show the neural activity of the spinal cord and brain. In healthcare information technology, we will leverage information and communication technology, including telemedicine systems that employ videoconferencing systems, to support hospital management and medical practice. In the biomedical domain, we will develop and commercialize bio-specimen and laboratory testing and peripheral systems with cell laminating 3D printers and other equipment.

Technological Strengths

Eco business

MFP resource recycling exhibit
MFP resource recycling exhibit

We aim to achieve around ¥100 billion in sales by fiscal 2021 by strengthening our environmental management and contributing to social sustainability through our businesses.
We opened the RICOH Eco Business Development Center in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, as part of that effort.
As well as experimenting with eco technologies and rebuilding equipment, the RICOH Eco Business Development Center also publicizes information about environmental activities. It aims to create and expand eco businesses to materialize environmental management that evolves with customers.

Sustainable Environmental Management

RICOH Eco Business Development Center

Community building

Ricoh leverages its technological strengths and customer contact capability to deliver solutions and services that contribute to the development and growth of communities by enhancing security, comfort, and convenience. The summer 2015 opening of the RICOH Future House communication complex in Ebina, Kanagawa Prefecture, was part of that approach.
By helping build communities, Ricoh will offer ideas for comfortable living and provide operational support, thereby extending its new business model to other areas and expanding the scope of its pursuits.

RICOH Future House

RICOH Future House

Science classroom

Science classroom

Camera business

This business leverages the Ricoh Group’s optical technologies to offer a diverse range of cameras that excite and inspire by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.
RICOH THETA, a spherical camera that combines optical technology and image processing technology to enable users to capture 360° images of surroundings with just one touch. The enhanced models features video recording and offers higher resolution than the previous models. The camera has attracted considerable attention among businesses for providing an entirely new imaging experience, and its applications are expanding in a range of fields. Realtors, for example, have begun using the camera to present 360° views of rooms and facilities on property search websites. Software developers use it in platforms for innovating applications.
Our digital camera lineup provides something for everyone. It extends from professional single lens reflex models to light and compact, high-performance offerings and action cameras that deliver outstanding water, dust, and shock resistance.


Images captured on RICOH THETA S

Images captured on RICOH THETA for a property search site



This SLR model employs a large CMOS sensor in a dustproof and weather-resistant body to deliver high resolution with approximately 51.4 effective megapixel. It meets the needs of a wide range of professional photographers with its easy-to-operate and reliable exchangeable lenses.



This top-of-the-line model is the first 35mm full-frame format camera in the K-mount SLR series to please professional and serious amateur photographers alike. The K-1 offers outstanding image quality and resolution with an approximately 36.4 effective megapixel CMOS image sensor.



This compact and lightweight action camera is incredibly advanced. It is waterproof and shockproof and employs an ultrawide approximately 204° lens that captures stunning 4K video.



This high-end compact camera is the first in our lineup to support both Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication to simplify image transfers to smartphones and other devices. It delivers even better image quality through a reprogrammed algorithm, which has enhanced Auto White Balance control precision, and a fine-tuned compensation program to prevent high-sensitivity noise.