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Approach to Materiality (Material issues)Developing a bed sensor system that accurately monitors biometric information to enhance the efficiency and quality of nursing and healthcare survices

SDGs 3, 9

Background and issues

Japan is aging fast. Senior citizens accounted for more than 21% of the population in 2010. At the current pace, the percentage will likely climb to 29.1% in 2020 and 33.4% in 2035, causing demand for medical services to rocket. Other emerging issues include ensuring the safety and security of the elderly and their families and securing nursing personnel while alleviating their workloads.

Serving the social good through business


In May 2017, Ricoh signed a joint business agreement with MinebeaMitsumi Inc. to develop and commercialize a bed sensor system that monitors biological information. We aim to materialize advanced care services through this system, notably through alerts that prevent falls, the provision of biometric information, and coordination with nursing care records systems and nurse calls. Down the track, we will provide support for disease prediction and prognoses by harnessing artificial intelligence in the nursing care and medical treatment markets. We will also build an integrated information service platform that includes biometric and location information to enhance the quality of life and extend healthy lifespans.