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Approach to Materiality (Material issues)Improving productivity of small- and medium-sized enterprises suffering from a serious manpower shortage

"Creativity from work"

Background and issues

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are said to account for more than 99% of all companies in Japan. While SMEs thus form the foundation of the Japanese economy, they are affected by a shortage of labor more keenly than large companies.

Serving the social good through business

imageRICOH Cloud OCR for Invoice designed to
enhance the efficiency of invoice processing
operation with the use of AI

To address this labor shortage, SMEs are increasingly adopting digital solutions for their office work processes. However, transactions between corporations are still based on paper documents, which necessitate the process of manually inputting data into digital systems.

By combining a range of cloud services offered via its own cloud platform and the RICOH IM C series of advanced MFPs, Ricoh helps optimize a wide array of documents for day-to-day inter-company transactions and internal operations, so that corporate customers can utilize our various cloud services and their partner systems, thereby reforming operational processes, including those between companies. In this way, Ricoh contributes to boosting the productivity of SMEs suffering from a serious manpower shortage.