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To ensure that our products are environmentally responsible, we are promoting (1) energy conservation and global warming prevention, (2) resource conservation and recycling, and (3) pollution prevention.

Ricoh Sustainable Products Program

Ricoh Group has started “Ricoh Sustainable Products Program”. For this Program, assess and self-certificate Ricoh products/services by the original in-house standard to realize Sustainable Products/Services design which resolved Ricoh Group materiality.

Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming

Development of user-friendly and energy-saving technologies.


Products that are not easy to use will not contribute to energy conservation by customers and to global warming prevention, even if their energy-saving performance is solid. Ricoh is committed to technology innovation that is exemplified by its unique energy-saving QSU(Quick Start-Up), which leads to energy-saving products, and to offering products that represent our basic policies—"user-friendliness and energy conservation"—more effectively.
On the other hand, since paper production consumes a lot of energy, we are helping to decrease the environmental impact caused by customers' paper consumption by offering highly productive duplex copying functions, promoting sales of recycled paper, and developing information digitization technologies.

Resource Conservation / Recycling

Achieve a circular economy, we are seriously striving toward the effective use of resources.


Based on our concept, "Comet Circle," we aim at effective use of resources by engaging in recycling with lower environmental impact and higher economic benefits, and are working to reduce the input of new resources in product manufacturing. We are working to produce products placing importance on "producing smaller and lighter products," "extending the life of parts," "reusing products and parts," "adopting recycled materials," and "utilizing recyclable resources".

Pollution Prevention

We offer products that are gentle on the environment and people by reducing and strictly managing environmentally-sensitive substances.


In order to minimize the adverse impact caused by environmentallysensitive chemical substances contained in our products, we are committed to building a system to reduce and strictly manage such substances in all manufacturing processes including those conducted by suppliers. Because environmentally sensitive chemical substances need to be treated individually when products containing them are disposed of, reducing the use of these substances in products will also considerably reduce the recycling cost in addition to lessening the environmental impact a product has during its lifecycle.
In addition, for more comfortable and safer use of our products by customers, we are proactively conducting activities to reduce the emissions of ozone, dust and VOCs*1 from the use of our products, and ensuring the safety of supplies to be used with the products through management systems built to our own criteria.

*1 VOCs: Volatile organic compounds