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–Environmental impact reduction activities in cooperation with customers–

Comprehensive support to reduce energy usage and waste in printing

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Pursuing business growth while conserving the environment is a key objective of enterprises today. With competition intensifying globally, customers are seeking greater management efficiency to balance improved businesses performance with environmental sustainability.
Ricoh Europe PLC (RE), our European sales headquarters, is responding to these needs by offering a Sustainability Optimization Program (SOP) that visualizes the environmental impact and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) associated with the printing environments of Ricoh customers. RE also monitors the effects of Ricoh services after implementation so that we can provide support for continuous improvements.
The SOP process first analyzes a customer’s printing environment in detail and makes the costs and environmental footprint visible. It then suggests the optimal equipment arrangement and helps set specific goals for reducing the environmental impact.
After implementation, RE supports the customer to promote employee education and awareness on sustainability through collaborative activities that raise the environmental cognizance of everyone at the company. RE also provides training to help the customer make the most of our products’ energy-saving modes, double-sided printing and other functions. And by monitoring variances in goals and actual figures, the SOP program runs and manages the system toward continuous improvements.
In addition, the process offers Carbon Balanced Printing to further contribute to a reduction in the customer’s environmental impact. This takes advantage of carbon credits*1 offered by the Ricoh Group to offset the CO2 that remains from equipment power and paper used in office printing, even after the customer has reduced their environmental impact with SOP. Through this program, customers are able to achieve their environmental goals in costeffective ways.
Customers who have implemented SOP respond with high praise, noting, “It is an outstanding program that has helped us to achieve both optimal business management and sustainability,” and, “The program helps us to fully achieve our environmental goals.” The effectiveness of the program has also been certified by the U.K. business standards company BSI*2.
These trends have led us to propose more environmental impact-reducing SOP in FY 2012 than any of our other TCO programs aimed at achieving efficient printing and reducing costs. The CO2 emission levels of our customers have reduced by 36% compared to those prior to SOP implementation.
The program was also launched in Australia in May 2013 in line with our policy of meeting customer needs on a global scale.

  • *1The carbon credits used for offsetting are certified emission reduction (CER) credits earned for investing in UNFCCC registered CDM projects.
  • *2The British Standards Institution

The Sustainability Optimization Program
The Sustainability Optimization Program