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Environmental Labels TypeII

In order for its products to be quickly recognized as having less environmental impact, the Ricoh Group uses the Ricoh Recycle Label , which ensures compliancy with Group standards on recyclable designs, the reuse rate of parts, the collection system, resource recovery, and environmental safety. As of March 2000, five models, including the spirio 5000RM, spirio 7210RM series, spirio 8210RM, and spirio 105BB, have been sold with this label.

Criteria for the Ricoh Recycle Label (Summary)

  1. The product satisfies Ricoh's recyclable design standards.
  2. Reused* parts account for 40% or more of the product's mass (mass ratio).
  3. Toner cartridges used in the product are recyclable, and a system for recycling them has been established.
  4. A system for collecting and processing used products as well as collecting used cartridges and containers has been established.
  5. At least 90% of the product's mass (mass ratio) can be recovered and recycled in Ricoh's recycling system.
  6. Consideration is given to environmental safety, as stipulated in Ricoh's standards.
  • *Reuse means to use something for the same purpose in its original form.

Applied only on Japan