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Environmental Labels Type I

About Type I Environmental Labels

A third party organization establishes criteria for judging the environmental-friendliness of products and grants a Type I environmental label to them based on said criteria.
More specifically, the third party organization comprehensively evaluates products according to energy-saving characteristics, resource-saving performance, friendliness to the health of customers, and safety throughout the entire product lifecycle, from design to use and disposal by customers. Finally, the third party organization grants the Type I label to products that excel in the above performance items.
Ricoh has been actively obtaining Type I environmental labels for its products.

Typical Type I environmental labels that Ricoh has obtained

image:Eco Mark

Eco Mark (Japan)

image:EcoLogo Program

EcoLogo Program (Canada)

image:Thai Green Label

Thai Green Label (Thailand)

image:Environmental Choice New Zealand

Environmental Choice New Zealand (New Zealand)

image:China Environmental Labeling Plan (Ten Circle Mark)

China Environmental Labeling Plan (Ten Circle Mark)(China)

image:Green Mark

Green Mark (Taiwan)

image:Singapore Green Label

Singapore Green Label (Singapore)