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About Ricoh Global Eco Action


Ricoh Global Eco Acction

Since 2006, the Ricoh Group sets 5 June; 'World Environment Day', as 'Ricoh Global Eco Action', when all members of Ricoh Group around the world think about the global environment, take eco actions, and improve their eco awareness. This year, we'd like to focus more on eco actions of each person as well as that of Ricoh Group Company, Site, Section. And we hope that the eco action way is easy to act, and to express himself / herself. So this year's theme is 'Think & Act - as you are -' where we try to think about our eco behavior until now, and try more voluntary, unique eco actions as we hope for the future global environment. By sharing this experience together with our office members, families, clients and so on, we hope that it will help to expand the scope of eco mind and to protect the global environment as a whole. Shall we THINK about the global environment and to begin to ACT what we can?

Think & Act!!


Switch off lights and electric appliances whenever possible in the daytime to save energy.

For instance, conscious of the resulting energy savings, we can all take small actions to make things better: the person who commutes by car can try riding a train, bus, or bicycle instead, the person who automatically rides the office elevator can try taking the stairs sometimes, and the person who finds lights and OA equipment on but not in use can turn them off.



Finish work on time and turn off lights before leaving the office.

If everybody finishes their daily work on time and leaves the office, electricity for office lighting, OA equipment, and air conditioning is saved. But if even one person remains in the office, he uses electricity. He may say that he knows he should leave earlier but it is difficult. At least during the summer solstice period, when days are longest, why not leave the office on time and enjoy your after-work hours?


Turn off lights in your house and talk about the environment with your family.

Does your child tell you: "Daddy, you are leaving the lights on!"? Why not have everybody in the family think about the environment on this day? For instance, participate in "Candle Night" by turning off electric lights, spending time by candle light, and looking up at the night sky. You may find an opportunity to discuss some things normally hard to talk about.