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Simply capture audio, picture, notes in real-time

RICOH TAMAGO Biz Logger is a new data storagetool operated on iPhone for business people. Data storage tool such as taking noteshas an important role in business scenes. For instance, in meetings, you may see an MP3 recorder while taking minutes in a notebook or PC, and then taking a picture of a whiteboard after the meeting. With iPhone and Biz Logger, work styles in which audio, picture, and notes had to be stored separately onto several devices will be simplified and enables your work styles to be more efficient.

Features of Biz Logger

Organize data ina single smart device

Audio, pictures, notes, and tag (tag on audio data) are stored with an easy operation on a real-time basis.

Store visually in timeline format

Pictures, notes, and tag will be recorded in a timeline and displayed clearly that based on notes or pictures taken, corresponding parts can easily be extracted as an audio confirmation.

Simple to synchronize with scheduler

Easily register saved data to calendar or link stored data to preregistered schedule.

Link with GPS data

Location from GPS will be tracked and stored, which enables you to capture notesat remote locations or during business trip.

Share knowledge between Biz Logger

Data can be shared via Bluetooth between Biz Logger users.

Easy collaboration with RICOH Smart Presenter (Paperless meeting solution)

In meetings utilizing RICOH Smart Presenter, conference materials can be stored and organized. Thumbnail of conference call material will be displayed on audio timeline and enables easyaccess in the future.

Features of Biz Logger


RICOH TAMAGO Biz Logger -Store-

RICOH TAMAGO Biz Logger -View-

RICOH TAMAGO Biz Logger -Collaboration with RICOH Smart Presenter-

Download for free from the App Store!

The current version of Nurie ParaPara can be downloaded from Apple's App Store for free.

* Download from the link right.

System Requirements, Limitations

Requirements and limitations on this application are as follows:

Hardware / OS Hardware: Apple Inc. iPhone4S, iPhone5SupportedOS: iOS6.0 or more
*Operation on iOS 5.0 or less not supported
Network When sharing data : Activate Bluetooth
Collaboration with RICOH Smart Presenter:Activate Wi-Fi in the same network
GPS reception ON:Allow Location Services

  • ●When collaborating with RICOH Smart Presenter through RICOH Conference Center, one client license from RICOH Conference Center will be used.
  • ●Meetings which sets“Do not allow download materials” in RICOH Conference Center, participation from Biz Logger is not available.

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