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Ricoh introduces RICOH360 Projects for sharing immersive views of construction project sites

January 13, 2021

TOKYO, January 13, 2021 – Ricoh introduces RICOH360 Projects service that addresses Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) clients' needs to efficiently create and share immersive views of construction sites. This is in addition to its current RICOH360 Tours 360° image data services for business.

This new service provides a means of creating, annotating, and sharing immersive 360° views via a mobile app. Through the construction project lifecycle, from the planning phase up till post-construction maintenance, construction companies and designers in the AEC field can effortlessly and efficiently share 360° images captured on-site across multiple projects accessible securely from a web browser without the need for specialized software. Construction project stakeholders, including owners, project managers, forepersons, safety managers, and designers can collaborate to plan, coordinate, control and monitor projects easily from anywhere, avoiding potentially costly mistakes and reducing rework.

A single 360° image can replace up to 10 regular photos, capturing the walls, ceiling, and floor of a room by pressing a single press button. This enables teams to optimize site surveys and spot inspections efficiently and reduces the need for photo reshoots due to areas missed on prior visits.

Smart features within the RICOH360 Projects platform enable users to add notes directly into the 360° images. The Timeline feature allows users to organize the photos in chronological order or do before and after job site comparison to monitor construction progress.

Subscriptions start from $50 per month for a single user, including cloud hosting up to 250 images. The service requires the RICOH360 Projects app (available for iOS) and RICOH THETA 360° camera. A Team feature includes a secured environment with control options where users invite others to collaborate on projects. Other subscription packages exist for larger numbers of users and larger data storage.

RICOH360 Projects is changing how individuals and teams manage construction job sites using technology to create 360° immersive views instantly.

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Ricoh is the leader in the development of high-quality immersive 360° cameras and platform for prosumers and professionals to easily capture and share 360° views of physical spaces from a mobile app in minutes. An intuitive solution that requires no professional, technical, or photography experience to create immersive digitized photo-realistic views of a physical environment.

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