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Development of a Compact 3D Laser Scanner Capable of Integration

High Accuracy in a Compact, Lightweight Unit

September 4, 2018
RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc.

RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc. (President: Katsunori Nakata) has developed and added to the lineup a new compact 3D laser scanner capable of integration as 3D vision sensors such as industrial stereo cameras.

This compact 3D laser scanner is compact size and light weight and yet provides highly accurate 3D shape measurements in the near-field. Consisting of a newly developed monocular camera and laser scanner, enabling the acquisition of 3D data by imaging striped patterns projected onto the object based on the principle of triangulation.

We developed a laser scanning technology consisting of a new optical system combining RICOH Group's unique uniaxial MEMS*1 mirror device and a VCSEL*2 array that emits light in multiple wavelengths via 50 channels. This technology realizes a depth accuracy of 100 µm (approximately three times improves in comparison with when using a general laser*3 lighting) in a compact, lightweight design (approx. 75 (w) × 40 (d) × 36 (h) mm and 150g).

With these features, we are able to provide a compact, integrated system such as robot picking, downsizing of shape inspection system, and mounted on the internal production equipment with difficulties by space and weight.

RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc. will continue to anticipate the growth of the 3D sensing market and conduct R&D in collaboration with RICOH Group companies.

The specifications contained herein is subject to change for provisional specifications under development.
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting LASER
Single semiconductor laser diode

Compact 3D Laser Scanner (Prototype image)

Configuration Diagram (Image)

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