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Ricoh Reorganizes Its Domestic Sales Subsidiaries
- Strengthening one-stop solution services capability -

Tokyo, January 31, 2014 — Ricoh today announced that it will reorganize its domestic sales subsidiaries as Ricoh Japan Corporation effective July 1, 2014. Ricoh Technosystems Co., Ltd., Ricoh Business Expert Co., Ltd., and Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd. will be integrated into Ricoh Japan Corporation.

Customer circumstances are changing dramatically, with expanding globalization, increase in cloud and mobile solutions, and diversifying of work styles. Accordingly, customers face increasingly sophisticated and varied business challenges, including reinforcement of competitiveness, improvement of business efficiency, and responding to work style changes. Under these circumstances, the Ricoh Group is changing its business structure by expanding its services businesses to provide new value to customers globally.

In line with this strategy, in Japan, we have successfully expanded our services businesses under sales, services, systems development, and a professional organizational system specialized in each business function. The reorganization of sales affiliates in Japan is intended to further accelerate our structural reform of the services business. Integrating solid sales and a services structure that extends across Japan with expertise cultivated individually, we aim to enhance our one-stop solution services capability based on the Group's overall strength, assuring a fast, high-quality response tailored to the region or market. Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth along with our customers while continuing to develop our core document business and create new customer value by enhancing solution services in areas such as IT services, communications, workplaces, and business processes.

‹Objectives of Launching the New Company›

1. Demonstrate the overall strength of the Ricoh Group to achieve No.1 customer satisfaction
2. Expand and strengthen the document business area, including MFPs, other printers, production printing, and Managed Document Services
3. Create new customer value by strengthening the solution services

‹Outline of the New Company›

・Company Name: Ricoh Japan Corporation
・Business start date: July 1st, 2014
・Number of Employees: About 19,500


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