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Ricoh is Recognized by FTSE4Good Index Series for Tenth Year

Tokyo, May 2, 2013— Ricoh has been recognized by the FTSE4Good Index Series for the tenth consecutive year. The award follows an analysis of Ricoh's global corporate social responsibility activities. The assessment is conducted by EIRIS or Experts in Responsible Investment Solutions (London). In particular Ricoh was recognized for its environmental management, human and labor rights, supply chain labor standards, corporate governance and countering bribery.

The FTSE4Good selection criteria have been designed to reflect a broad consensus on what constitutes good corporate responsibility practice globally. Using a widespread market consultation process, the criteria are regularly revised to ensure that they continue to reflect standards of responsible business practice, and developments in socially responsible investment as they evolve.

"As globalization progresses, our society faces an increasing number of challenges that are diverse in nature, impacting society, the economy and the global environment. Ricoh possesses a wide range of global resources and supports activities that set out solve these complicated social concerns while also achieving corporate growth." said Mariko Azuma, Corporate Vice President, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

"What's more Ricoh has been committed to sustainable environmental management for decades. We have long term goals and targets to reduce our environmental impacts and at the same time create economic value for our investors, clients and employees. We also foster technological development and environmental conservation activities at each stage of our products' lifecycle. Through these measures, we are building a business model with low environmental impact in cooperation with our customers and corporate partners. We are also committed to providing environmentally responsible products and services, with a view to helping reduce the environmental impact of society as a whole."

Visit Ricoh "Environment" site and "CSR" site to find out more.

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