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Ricoh Reorganizes Its Domestic Design and Manufacturing Functions

Tokyo, July 31, 2012—Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo; hereinafter "Ricoh") has decided to reorganize its domestic design and manufacturing functions. Specifically, the functions of designing and manufacturing imaging equipment hitherto assumed by Ricoh's affiliated manufacturing companies and parts of Ricoh itself will be integrated into two separate companies — one responsible for design and the other for production — that will be newly established in April 2013.

As the Ricoh Group faces radical changes in the business environment, such as a stronger yen and tougher global competition, it is in the process of restructuring itself into a highly competitive organization that can continue to grow even in such a climate. The reorganization is aimed at reinforcing the Ricoh Group's design and manufacturing functions for imaging equipment in order to simultaneously achieve three objectives: 1) to continue to create products and services that offer new customer value, 2) to strengthen our ability to manufacture products that outperform the competition in the global marketplace, and 3) to acquire the ability to design and manufacture products at costs lower than the competition.

The processes for establishing the new companies, their names and other details will be announced as soon as they are worked out.

‹Outline of the Reorganization›

  • 1.Design function
    The design functions of Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd., Ricoh Unitechno Co., Ltd. and Ricoh Elemex Corporation and a part of Ricoh's design function will be integrated into a new company, with a view to build a structure for developing products free from vertical barriers, and maximize design efficiency and the ability to develop products. Through these changes, Ricoh is aiming to fulfill three objectives in its core business areas – enhancement in development productivity, improvement of its technological ability to lower costs, and reinforcement of its ability to respond to customer needs –also accelerating the creation of a structure in which resources can be allocated to new business areas as well as growing and prioritized areas.

  • 2.Manufacturing function
    The manufacturing functions of Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd., Ricoh Printing Systems. Ltd. and Ricoh Unitechno Co., Ltd. and parts of Ricoh's manufacturing function will be integrated into the other new company to create a structure in which the management resources of the entire Ricoh Group will be utilized effectively. As an advanced manufacturer looking to reinforce the technological development of not only products but also key parts and new business areas with an eye on the next generation, the new company will train human resources to take over, develop and pass on the manufacturing technologies of the Ricoh Group on a worldwide scale, as well as strengthening our overall manufacturing ability.
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