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Ricoh is Recognized by FTSE4Good Index for Ninth Year

Tokyo, April 24, 2012 — Ricoh has been recognized by the FTSE4Good Index Series for the ninth consecutive year, following an analysis of its corporate social responsibility activities. The assessment, conducted by EIRIS or Experts in Responsible Investment Solutions (London) reviewed key areas; environmental management, climate change, human and labor rights, supply chain labor standards and countering bribery.

In particular Ricoh was recognized as a high performer for its environmental policy and environmental management, achieving a “best practice” rating in these areas. These categories considered a range of criteria that included commitment to: using objectives and targets, monitoring and auditing, public reporting, stakeholder involvement, product or service impacts and the presence of documented objectives and targets.

Sustainability is one of the core attributes of the Ricoh brand and makes up a key part of the company identity. It has a clear set of targets for 2050, whereby it aims to reduce energy, resource and pollution by 87.5% compared to 2000 levels.

Takashi Nakamura, Ricoh Director and Deputy President says, “Ricoh views business, society and the planet as interconnected. It strives to be a company people are proud to work for, going beyond compliance to encourage responsible growth wherever possible. By linking its commitment to forward-thinking business strategies, it promotes development that is profitable and sustainable at customer sites as well as its own operations.”

At Ricoh, we want to be part of a society that recycles its resources, minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. We are proactive in helping our customers to make their workflow more efficient while reducing environmental impacts. At the same time we are committed to driving CSR projects that address local social issues from local perspectives by utilising our business resources to help develop a sustainable society.


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