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Ricoh Unveils New Global Brand Message:
“imagine. change.”

Tokyo, April 2, 2012 — Ricoh Company, Ltd. (hereafter Ricoh) today announced the introduction of a new global brand tagline, “imagine. change.”, to express its evolving brand presence around the world. The new messaging reflects a general shift toward services for Ricoh, which can be seen in the company’s ever expanding services portfolio including its highly regarded MDS (Managed Document Services) and other advanced solutions.

“The ability to change is a key element of a successful business today,” says Shiro Kondo, Ricoh President and CEO. “Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace, and there is increasing pressure for customers to change along with it. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind. At Ricoh, we are committed to helping our customers embrace change through innovation. That is what we mean by “imagine. change.””

Ricoh combines people, processes and technology to build information infrastructures that are faster, smarter and less expensive than customers envisioned. Through cloud computing, remote monitoring and other innovations, the company is also making information more secure, mobile and personal. Net result: organizations can collaborate and innovate like never before.

The global roll-out of “imagine. change.” highlights Ricoh’s customer-centric philosophy: moving forward with new ideas and new ways of improving lives, driven by innovation. Ricoh helps companies and individuals transform the way they work and harness their collective imagination. “imagine. change.” is more than a new brand tagline – it’s the essence of the Ricoh brand experience.

imagine. change.

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