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Installing a Solar Power System at a U.S. Manufacturing Affiliate

Tokyo, November 9, 2010---Ricoh Electronics, Inc. (REI: headquartered in Tustin, California), a U.S. manufacturing affiliate of Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo), is installing a rooftop solar power system at its headquarters with a completion date of February 2011. The system will supply 10 percent (approximately 350,000 kWH) of the headquarters building's electricity. The system will reduce carbon dioxide emission by 98.1 metric tons/year and will provide Ricoh Electronics, Inc. with annual electricity cost savings of more than $56,000.

REI engaged SPG Solar Inc., a leader in the development, design and installation of high-performance solar power systems, to manage the project. Approximately 1,000 solar panels will be installed on the rooftop of the existing REI headquarters building. The location in sunny Southern California with its fine weather is perfect for solar power systems. The state of California also has the strictest environmental regulations in the United States. REI offset approximately 60 percent of the solar system's cost by incentives offered by federal and state government, and expects to recoup its costs for the project within six years.

Envisioning the ideal society and global environment of the future, the Ricoh Group aims to achieve a sustainable society with minimal impact on the environment. Advocating sustainable environmental management that simultaneously conserves the environment and creates profit, the Group is engaged in environmental conservation activities based on the lofty goal of reducing its environmental impact by one eighth by 2050.
The use of natural energy by installing a solar energy system is part of the activities to achieve this goal with REI being the first example among the overseas production sites in the Ricoh Group. Ricoh is also promoting energy conservation activities by installing Eco-Boards, billboards powered by 100% renewable energy in Osaka, Japan and Times Square in New York. Not content with providing customers with products that are useful for energy conservation, the Ricoh Group is engaged in efforts to reduce its environmental impact at every stage from raw materials procurement and manufacturing to recycling and disposal.

Ricoh Electronics, Inc.
Address: One Ricoh Square, 1100 Valencia Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780, U.S.A
Established: 1973
Main Business: Manufacturing multifunction machine and supplies

Artist’s impression of the completed solar power system

Artist’s impression of the completed solar power system

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