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Big File Desktop Send Widget Released by Ricoh Visual Online Storage Service 'quanp'

Allows easy sending of multiple files up to 500MB by quick drag and drop

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 28, 2010 - Ricoh Company, Ltd., a global leader in digital office solutions, today announced a desktop widget that allows users of its visual online storage service “quanp,” currently in beta, easy ways to share large files up to 500MB direct from a user’ s computer desktop. quanp provides 10GB of free online storage and advanced search and tagging capabilities for quick and easy management of files and documents. All files sent with the quanp send widget are backed up in the user’ s online account automatically. The widget displays animations while files are being sent, customizable by the user.

“People are producing bigger and bigger files these days as they take pictures and videos of family and friends that they want to hold on to for a long time. There’ s got to be an easy way to share them without running into size limits in your email account and elsewhere,” said Sho Harada, senior manager of quanp. “With the quanp send widget, it’ s so easy and intuitive that even older generations less comfortable with computers can easily share pictures and videos whenever they want.”

Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced private beta testing of their new visual online storage service “quanp” in the summer of 2009. Users have been testing quanp’ s innovative 3D visual search as an intuitive way to collect, store and share personal photos, videos and other files. quanp continues to add ways to access these “digital life memories.” Both a Windows client and a browser version of quanp are available. Prior to this announcement of the quanp send widget, quanp also introduced quanp drop, an animated widget that sits on the desktop with easy automatic drag-and-drop uploading, and quanp slideshow, a photo slideshow application making it easy to display and comment on photos.

Main features of the new quanp send widget:
1. Send multiple files up to 500MB at one time
2. All sent files stored automatically in your quanp account
3. Easy Adobe AIR installation on PC and Mac
4. Five customizable animations displayed during sending

The quanp send widget requires Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista, Windows7, Mac OS X 10.5.1 or higher and 10.6.0 or higher. It also requires Adobe AIR 2 or higher. To download the quanp send widget and start using it yourself, please go to:

About quanp
business and a new consumer web service being developed by Ricoh Company, Ltd. The name is short for “quantum paper” and is pronounced “kwan-puh.” quanp intends to be the online spot for collecting and organizing all of your digital life memories while at the same time using, enjoying and even showing them off. To participate in our open beta, please visit

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