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Notice: Reorganization of Domestic Sales Companies

 Ricoh Company, Ltd. (“Ricoh”) hereby announces that its Board of Directors decided today at its meeting to reorganize the domestic sales structure.
 Under the reorganization, the Marketing Group (excluding certain operations) of Ricoh will be succeeded by Ricoh Sales Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Sales”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh, by means of an absorption-type split. Meanwhile, Ricoh Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Hokkaido”), Ricoh Tohoku Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Tohoku”), Ricoh Chubu Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Chubu”), Ricoh Kansai Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Kansai”), Ricoh Chugoku Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Chugoku”), and Ricoh Kyushu Co., Ltd. (“Ricoh Kyushu”), all of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Ricoh, will be merged into Ricoh Sales, which will be the surviving company.

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