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Notice: Reorganization of domestic sales companies

Ricoh Company, Ltd. today decided at its Board Meeting to integrate seven existing sales companies into one, hereafter to be known as RICOH JAPAN Corporation. In addition, the Marketing Group of Ricoh Company, Ltd. will be merged into the new company.

List of relevant organizations:

- Ricoh Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
- Ricoh Tohoku Co., Ltd.
- Ricoh Sales Co., Ltd.
- Ricoh Chubu Co., Ltd.
- Ricoh Kansai Co., Ltd.
- Ricoh Chugoku Co., Ltd.
- Ricoh Kyushu Co., Ltd.
- Marketing Group of Ricoh Company, Ltd.


The new structure was designed to enable quicker response to customers’ increasingly diversified needs and more efficient management.


- Company name: RICOH JAPAN Corporation
- Date of incorporation: July 1, 2010
- Location of headquarters: Tokyo, Chuo-ku (provisional)


Further details to follow when available.

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