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Protection and Safety are important factors for office equipment today due to increasing demand for sanitation. Ricoh will provide safe and convenient ways to access your device’s touch panel.

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Solutions we offer

RICOH Smart Device Connector

You can operate a multifunction product by just holding the smart device over it, and you can operate a projector or electronic whiteboard by just reading a QR code. Get started immediately by just downloading a free app available for Android and iOS. Your everyday working environment will become a safer and creative place.
For details, refer to RICOH Smart Device Connector web page.


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Remote Panel Operation

Administrator can remotely access and change machine settings from a web browser using the Remote Panel Operation function.
In addition, support center could remotely operate your touch panel screen and assist troubleshooting when permission are granted.

Remote Panel Operation

Availability of the function varies on the model. Please consult your local sales representative or refer to product user manual.

Antimicrobial Screen Protector

For cases when direct touch on the touch panel is necessary, Ricoh will offer antimicrobial screen protector. It will free you from the sanitization workload of the touch panel.

Antimicrobial Screen Protector

How does it work?

Antimicrobial Screen Protector generates silver ion (Ag+) from the sheet surface and connects with enzymes of bacteria, blocks replication and destroys cells.

SIAA certified

SIAA certified

Antimicrobial effect is testified and officially certified as ISO22196 international standard under SIAA (Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles).
For details, please refer to website LINK.


  • Due to the risk of infection, effectiveness against COVID-19 is not experimented.
  • Availability of antimicrobial solution may vary depending on your region or country. Please check with your local sales representative.
  • The amounts of silver ions are affected by humidity and temperature.
  • The antimicrobial protection is limited to the touch surface. Ricoh group does not claim to protect users or provide any direct or implied health benefit.
  • Please use damp cloth when wiping the Antimicrobial Screen Protector. Using harsh chemical may damage the surface.