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Products which require a security patch

July 27, 2017
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Following the recent “WannaCry” ransomware attack, some Ricoh Multifunction Printers, Laser Printers, Production Printers and Printer Controller products which use Microsoft Windows operating system require a security patch from Microsoft in order to continue safe operation.

Please refer to Microsoft’s website for details about the security patch.

For Fiery controllers that have access to the internet, install the latest security program using Windows Update.
For Fiery controllers that do not have access to the internet, download the latest security program on a PC and copy it to the Fiery, for example, with a USB flash drive.

Products which require a security patch.

<Printer Controllers>
Pro C5100S/Pro C5110S (Color Controller E-42B)
Pro C5200S/Pro C5210S (Color Controller E-44B)
Pro C550EX/C700EX (Color Controller E-8100)
Pro C720S/Pro C720 Fiery
Pro C900S/Pro C900 Fiery
Pro C900S/Pro C900 (Color Controller E-80)
Pro C901S/Pro C901 (Color Controller E-41/E-81)
Pro C901S/Pro C901 (Color Controller E-42/E-82)
Pro C651EX/Pro C751EX/Pro C751 (Color Controller E-41A)
Pro C9100/Pro C9110 (Color Controller E-43/E-83)
Pro C7100/C7110/C7100X/C7110X (Color Controller E-43A/E-83A)
Pro C7100S/C7110S/C7100SX/C7110SX (Color Controller E-43A/E-83A)
Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX/Pro 907/1107/1357 (Printer Controller EB-1357)
Pro 8100S/8110S/8120S/8110/8120 (Printer Controller EB-32)
Pro 8200S/8210S/8220S/8210/8220 (Printer Controller EB-34)

For all other Multifunction Printers, Laser Printers, Production Printers manufactured by Ricoh, we have confirmed that there is no vulnerability to the “WannaCry” ransomware.