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Effects of disabling SMBv1: Production Printers

July 27, 2017
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

In response to the recent WannaCry attack, the guidance from Microsoft is to apply a security patch on PCs and, as an additional countermeasure, to disable SMBv1 on PCs and servers.

Production Printers manufactured by Ricoh are not affected by the WannaCry attack. Please refer to our announcement Impact of “WannaCry“ ransomware on Ricoh products.
However, if SMBv1 is disabled on PCs or servers, it will prevent some products from being able to transmit data using SMB.

Products affected when SMBv1 is disabled

Please refer to the following list of products which will be affected when SMBv1 is disabled.
List of Production Printers and supported SMB versions

Functions affected when SMBv1 is disabled

The following functions will no longer be able to operate via SMB when SMBv1 is disabled.

  1. 1. Scan to Folder
  2. 2. Fax Folder Transmission (SMB only)
  3. 3. Fax Forwarding (SMB only)
  4. 4. Windows authentication
  5. 5. SMB printing
Suggested alternatives when SMBv1 is disabled

If SMBv1 is disabled, the following alternatives can be used.
1) Scan to Folder
   - Scan to FTP
   - Scan to E-mail
   - Store the file to a Document Server and then retrieve it via Web Image Monitor
   - Scan to URL
   - Scan to Media
2) Fax Folder Transmission (SMB only)
   -Store received faxes in the Document Box
   -Stored faxes can be retrieved via Web Image Monitor
3) Fax Forwarding (SMB only)
   -When faxing, enable “Send and Store” to save a copy in the Document Box
4) Windows authentication
   - Use LDAP authentication
5) SMB printing
   - Change OS settings to use a different printing method like DIPRINT (port9100), LPR, or IPP

SMBv2/SMBv3 support

In response to the current situation, Ricoh is now preparing a firmware update which will enable support for newer versions of the SMB protocol (SMBv2/v3) for some multifunction products. The table below shows the supported SMB protocol versions for each product and the plan for SMB v2/v3 support.

Supported versions of the SMB protocol for production products (as of July 27, 2017)
Product Name Current SMB
supported version
Planning SMBv2/v3 support
Pro C5100S/Pro C5110S Yes No No Currently in process
Pro C5200S/Pro C5210S Yes No No Currently in process
Pro 8100S/8110S/8120S Yes No No Currently in process
Pro 8200S/8210S/8220S Yes No No Currently in process
Pro C7100S/C7110S Yes No No Currently in process

Even after applying the firmware update, Windows authentication and SMB printing will not be available when SMB v1.0 is disabled.
For other products not listed in the above table, only SMB v1.0 is supported. For these products, please use the suggested alternatives from this document.