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Case Studies

Interactive Whiteboards

Nitori Co., Ltd.

Communication productivity in remote meetings
improved and travel cost and time reduced by
real-time image sharing and annotation.

Interactive Whiteboards Case Studies

Nitori Co., Ltd.

Communication productivity in remote meetings improved and travel cost and time reduced by real-time image sharing and annotation.

Purchase items:

RICOH IWB x 2 units each in Tokyo and Shanghai


Customer profile:

Design and sales company of home furniture and interior products.


The most appealing point of the RICOH IWB is the ability to communicate with remote locations using real-time screen sharing.

Accurate information and data sharing is a must for smooth delivery of products from Shanghai to Tokyo. However, the customer had problems in communicating smoothly with staff in Shanghai due to issues such as the language barrier, and it had to visit Shanghai often for final confirmation. It thus wanted to improve communication productivity and reduce travel costs and time.

Communication quality and productivity improved drastically when the RICOH IWB was set up at both cities. By sharing PC screens with the RIOCH IWB and discussing with annotation, the customer can communicate just like having meetings with everyone in the same room. This reduced the number of meetings and business trips needed.

Logistic staff
It was difficult to communicate smoothly.Communication quality was improved drastically by confirming with annotation.
Much money and time was spend on business trips. Travel costs and time were reduced thanks to improved remote meeting quality.
Meeting results were often misunderstood. Misunderstandings were reduced and business processes improved by writing agreements and action items at the end of the meeting and sharing by email.

Since the RICOH IWB can share screen images in high resolution and instructions can be written on those, we can manage photo shoots even from remote locations.

The customer says that new product photo shoots were stressful and much time was required to make final confirmations as it was difficult to accurately communicate requirements by telephone and email.

With the RICOH IWB set up at both sides, photos shot at the studio in Shanghai can be checked at the Tokyo office in real time. And since the staff in Tokyo can give requests by annotation, the photo shooting staff can understand those faster and more accurately. That way, the customer has succeed not only in decreasing creation time drastically, but also in improving photo shooting quality.

Product marketing staff
Much time and many steps were required to check and give instructions when photographing new products.Time and steps required were drastically by real-time image sharing with the RICOH IWB.
It was difficult to communicate detailed requirements by telephone and email alone.Easier and faster communication was enabled by giving instructions through annotation on photos, thus improving photo shooting quality as well.
  1. Easy and simple to use: No special skills or knowledge required.
  2. Real-time image sharing to overcome the language barrier.
  3. Faster and accurate information sharing by annotation and file emailing functions.
  4. Remote meetings like everyone is in the same place possible through annotation at both sides.
  5. Real-time high-resolution image sharing.

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