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NH Hotel Group

International hotel group entrusts Ricoh
with digital transformation project

Interactive Whiteboards Case Studies

NH Hotel Group

International hotel group entrusts Ricoh with digital transformation proje

Collaborative meeting room services improve productivity and agility

Digital workplace transformation

NH Hotel Group has entrusted Ricoh with its digital transformation project. The international hotel group, which operates more than 380 hotels with 59,000 rooms in 30 countries, is keen to enhance guest services and improve business efficiency by adopting new and smarter ways of working.

As a global company, with a proven track record in workplace transformation, Ricoh is an excellent fit for the international hotel group. Consulting with NH Hotel Group, Ricoh has identified opportunities for improvement and is managing the implementation programme.

Collaborative meeting room services

The wide-ranging workplace transformation project encompasses the introduction of collaborative meeting room services in the group’s headquarters in Madrid, as well as the provision of managed print services throughout all NH Hotel Group hotels and offices.

Managing the implementation programme, Ricoh will install more than 1,200 multifunctional devices and printers at sites across Europe. Ricoh’s collaborative meeting room services, which include a web-based booking system and digital room signage, are already in daily use.

At NH Hotel Group, we are committed to innovation. Ricoh’s digital expertise, flexible approach and global reach is helping us to drive group-wide improvements in productivity and agility.

Alu Rodríguez,
Senior VP Business Transformation,
NH Hotel Group


Mobile booking service

With a global business to run, meetings are critical to the group’s day-to-day operation. There are more than 20 meeting rooms in NH Hotel Group’s head office and, with employees spending a significant portion of their time in meetings, the group wanted to improve visibility of its meeting resources and automate the booking process.

Ricoh’s consultants captured 360° images of each meeting room. NH Hotel Group employees can now view meeting room resources on screen and use Ricoh’s intuitive mobile booking system to reserve rooms, schedule meetings, send invitations and track confirmations. The user-friendly application can even be used to arrange catering.

Digital room signage

Ricoh installed digital signs outside each meeting room. Linked to the centralised system, the sign identifies the room’s status and welcomes meeting participants. Working in the background, the centralised booking system provides real-time reports, which enable NH Hotel Group to monitor resource utilisation, record no-shows and manage costs.

Looking to the future, NH Hotel Group is also trialling Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard technology. A quick launch facility allows meeting participants to instigate a videoconference at the press of a button and collaborate seamlessly on documents. NH Hotel Group is excited by the technology as it could potentially be deployed in hotels as a guest service.

Ricoh’s collaborative meeting room solutions allow us to work more productively and adapt more rapidly to the changing needs of the market and our customers.

Alu Rodríguez,
Senior VP Business Transformation,
NH Hotel Group

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