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Ricoh declares June as Global SDGs Action Month

Empowering employees globally to accelerate Ricoh’s contribution to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

May 31, 2023

TOKYO, May 31, 2023 – Ricoh has once again declared June as “Global SDGs Action Month” to inspire and empower its 80,000+ employees by raising awareness of Ricoh's SDGs efforts and senior management commitment and offering SDGs related activities that they can participate and contribute to the circular economy. This Groupwide initiative aims to create a strong sense of unity and further drive Ricoh's contribution to SDGs.

This year marks the 18th anniversary since its 2006 launch. Initially, the annual initiative was held around the World Environment Day on June 5th, and called “Global Ricoh Eco Action,” to encourage employees to think and act about the environment and take eco actions. In 2019, the initiative name was renewed to the current “Global SDGs Action Month” and has been a forum for our employees to think and act in unison, not only on eco-action such as global warming countermeasures to realize a zero-carbon society, but also on solutions to a wide range of social issues.

Ricoh Global SDGs Action 2023

Akira Oyama, President and CEO, says: “Our management's unwavering commitment to resolving social issues serves as the bedrock for the sustainable enhancement of corporate value. Through the month-long celebration of our achievements and renewed dedication to the SDGs through the Global SDGs Action Month, I firmly believe that the Ricoh Group will continue to pursue an even more meaningful impact on society.”

Ricoh Global SDGs Action 2023 Overview

June 1–30, 2023
" Accelerate SDGs Action-business alignment "
Global common
  • Learn how Ricoh's business is connected to the SDGs and our Fulfilment through Work vision

    Videos introducing how Ricoh Group's products and services contribute to solving social issues and our business activities related to the SDGs in our factories and other areas of our organization will be available for employees to recognize how their own work is connected to the SDGs.

  • Action for sustainable society and planet

    With the participation of Ricoh Group employees through Activity1 (Know) and Activity 2 (Experience, Connect), we bring SDGs action and business growth together globally. Focus of the activities is contribution to the circular economy and local communities. Activities include online seminars and individual trash picking/photo posting on garbage collection social media.

  • Learn from leaders!

    Ricoh's senior management declares that the Ricoh Group address and resolve social issues. By sharing the leaders' thoughts, we encourage employees to take actions to resolve social issues.

Regional activities
1. Japan
  • Interactive seminars with senior management and their message dissemination to accelerate the alignment between business and SDGs.
2. Europe
  • Employees across the region will be focused on taking action in their local communities aligned to Europe's ‘Inclusion in the Workplace' theme
  • Employee sharing of Community Impact activities, both Ricoh-led and personally-led activities, through submission of pictures/videos and bullet-point description.
3. North America
  • Ricoh's SDG and ESG story showcase through thought leadership, customer successes, and Ricoh's rich history of leading-edge sustainable innovation.
  • Celebrations of World Environment Day, Pride Month, Juneteenth (U.S.), and National Indigenous History Month (Canada) to feature the SDGs in action across the region.
4. Asia Pacific
  • Announcement of the optimization of Ricoh New Zealand's vehicle fleet from 109 to 66 vehicles with the implementation of a “Remote First” service model since 2019 and the conversion of the fleet to hybrid models to achieve a 50% reduction in fuel usage.
  • Donation of winter pajamas to children living in poverty in collaboration with the Kindness Collective charity organization in New Zealand.
  • Volunteers from Ricoh Thailand to help with road repairs in Bangkok's Prawet district and cleanup of the coastal areas in Rayong province.
  • Vertical vegetable gardening initiative by Ricoh Philippines warehouse staff using used waste toner bottles.

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