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Printer Security Program

Date of current status April 15, 2020

1. Security Update

For customers who are using the printer/PC fax drivers listed below, or are using them on client PCs with Point&Print, please download the updated printer driver or security program and install it on all PCs.

For [PCL6 Driver for Universal Print] and [PS Driver for Universal Print]

Please use the updated printer driver, Version 4.27 (or later) available via the download site.


For [PCL6 Driver for Universal Print] and [PS Driver for Universal Print], [PC FAX Generic Driver], [Generic PCL5 Driver], [RPCS Driver], [PostScript3 Driver], [PCL6(PCL XL) Driver] and [RPCS Raster Driver]

Please check to confirm if the message [Countermeasure for vulnerability “CVE-2019-19363”] is displayed on the release history of the Ricoh driver download page.

If the message is shown, please download the updated printer drivers.

If it is NOT shown, please download the security program via the URL below.

Even if you have recently installed or updated your printer drivers, please be sure to install this security program.

2. Printer/Fax Drivers and model names

Printer Driver Version Model Name
PCL6 Driver for Universal Print Version 4.0 to 4.26
  • All models that use this driver.
PS Driver for Universal Print Version 4.0 to 4.26
  • All models that use this driver.
PC FAX Generic Driver Version 9.0 to 9.5
Version 10.0 to 11.3
  • All models that use this driver.
Generic PCL5 Driver Version 1.0 to 1.3
  • All models that use this driver.
RPCS Driver Driver versions
vary by model
  • DD 3324/DD 3334/DD 3344C/SD375
  • DD 6650P/SD 710
PostScript3 DriverAndPCL6 (PCL XL) Driver Driver versions
vary by model
Color MFPs
  • DSc 930/935/1020/1025/1030/1045/1060/1120/1220/1225/ 1230/1245/1260 Series
  • GS 3020c/3021c/3025c/3030c/3045c/3160c Series,
  • IM C300/C400/C2000/C2500/C3000/C3500/C4500/C5500/ C6000 Series
  • M C2001
  • MP C305/C306/C307/C401/C406/C407/C501/C2003/C2004/ C2011/C2094/C2503/C2504/C2594/C3002/C3003/C3004/C3502/C3503/C3504/C4502/C4503/C4504/C5502/C5503/C5504/C6003/C6004/C6502/C6503/C8002/C8003 Series
Black and White MFPs
  • DSm 923/928/933/940/950/1525SP/1530SP/1533SP/2525SP/2530SP/2535SP/2540SP/2550SP/2560SP/2625SP/2630SP/2635SP/ 2640SP/ 2650SP/2660SP
  • IM 350/430/550/600/2702 Series
  • MP 301/305/401SPF/402SPF/501SPF/601SPF/2001SP/2352/2501SP/2553/2554/2555/2852/3053/3054/3055/3352/3353/3554/3555/4002/4054/4055/5002/5054/5055/6002/6054/6055/6503/7502/7503/9002/9003 Series
  • P 501/502/800/801/C600
  • SP 400DN/450DN/3600DN/3600SF/3610SF/4310N/4510DN/ 4510SF/4520DN/5200S/5210SF/5210SR/5300DN/5310DN/ 6430DN/8300DN/8400DN,
  • SP C320DN/C340DN/C342DN/C352DN/C360DNw/ C360SFNw/C360SNw/C361SFNw/C440DN/C730DN/C830DN/C831DN/C840DN/C842DN Series
  • MP CW2200SP/CW2201SP/W6700/W7100/W8140 Series
Production Printers
  • Pro C5100S/C5110S/C5200S/C5210S/ C7100/C7110/C7200/C7210 Series
  • Pro 8100/8110/8120/8200/8210/8220/8300/8310/8320 Series
  • TotalFlow Print Server R-62/R-62A/R-61A/R-61/R-60A/R-60
RPCS Raster Driver All versions GELJETs
  • GX E2600/E3300N/E3350N/E5550N/E7700N/2500/3000/3000S/3000SF/3050SFN/5050N/7000 Series
  • SG 2100N/3100SNW/3110SFNW/3120BSFNW/7100DN Series
Garment Printer
  • Ri 100