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Printer Security Program

1. Security Update

For customers who are using the printer/PC fax drivers listed below, or are using them on client PCs with Point&Print, please download the security program and install it on all PCs.

For [PCL6 Driver for Universal Print] and [PS Driver for Universal Print], [PC FAX Generic Driver], [Generic PCL5 Driver], [RPCS Driver], [PostScript3 Driver], [PCL6(PCL XL) Driver] and [RPCS Raster Driver]

Please download the security program via the URL below.

Even if you have recently installed or updated your printer drivers, please be sure to install this security program.

2. Printer/Fax Drivers and model names

Printer Driver Version Model Name
PCL6 Driver for Universal Print Version 4.0 or later
  • All models that use this driver.
PS Driver for Universal Print Version 4.0 or later
  • All models that use this driver.
PC FAX Generic Driver All versions
  • All models that use this driver.
Generic PCL5 Driver All versions
  • All models that use this driver.
RPCS Driver All versions
  • DD 3324/DD 3334/DD 3344C/SD375
  • DD 6650P/SD 710
PostScript3 DriverAndPCL6 (PCL XL) Driver All versions Color MFPs
  • DSc 930/935/1020/1025/1030/1045/1060/1120/1220/1225/ 1230/1245/1260 Series
  • GS 3020c/3021c/3025c/3030c/3045c/3160c Series,
  • IM C300/C400/C2000/C2500/C3000/C3500/C4500/C5500/ C6000 Series
  • M C2001
  • MP C305/C306/C307/C401/C406/C407/C501/C2003/C2004/ C2011/C2094/C2503/C2504/C2594/C3002/C3003/C3004/C3502/C3503/C3504/C4502/C4503/C4504/C5502/C5503/C5504/C6003/C6004/C6502/C6503/C8002/C8003 Series
Black and White MFPs
  • DSm 923/928/933/940/950/1525SP/1530SP/1533SP/2525SP/2530SP/2535SP/2540SP/2550SP/2560SP/2625SP/2630SP/2635SP/ 2640SP/ 2650SP/2660SP
  • IM 350/430/550/600/2702 Series
  • MP 301/305/401SPF/402SPF/501SPF/601SPF/2001SP/2352/2501SP/2553/2554/2555/2852/3053/3054/3055/3352/3353/3554/3555/4002/4054/4055/5002/5054/5055/6002/6054/6055/6503/7502/7503/9002/9003 Series
  • P 501/502/800/801/C600
  • SP 400DN/450DN/3600DN/3600SF/3610SF/4310N/4510DN/ 4510SF/4520DN/5200S/5210SF/5210SR/5300DN/5310DN/ 6430DN/8300DN/8400DN,
  • SP C320DN/C340DN/C342DN/C352DN/C360DNw/ C360SFNw/C360SNw/C361SFNw/C440DN/C730DN/C830DN/C831DN/C840DN/C842DN Series
  • MP CW2200SP/CW2201SP/W6700/W7100/W8140 Series
Production Printers
  • Pro C5100S/C5110S/C5200S/C5210S/ C7100/C7110/C7200/C7210 Series
  • Pro 8100/8110/8120/8200/8210/8220/8300/8310/8320 Series
  • TotalFlow Print Server R-62/R-62A/R-61A/R-61/R-60A/R-60
RPCS Raster Driver All versions GELJETs
  • GX E2600/E3300N/E3350N/E5550N/E7700N/2500/3000/3000S/3000SF/3050SFN/5050N/7000 Series
  • SG 2100N/3100SNW/3110SFNW/3120BSFNW/7100DN Series
Garment Printer
  • Ri 100