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Higher Education

Driving Sustainability for Our Future.

To help strengthen Higher Education and support a global knowledge-based economy, Universities and Colleges are constantly adapting and re-defining themselves to remain attractive to today’s students. To help fund this evolution, students are being asked to pay more for tuition and services than ever before, resulting in increased demands for an exceptional education and learning experience.

Ricoh’s vision is to play a key role in transforming the education and learning experience for both students and faculty, and turn spaces – including Classrooms, Libraries, Lounges and even legacy Print Rooms – into areas where employees and students alike can collaborate and develop their skills and knowledge. To achieve this, we build formal and informal communities of education experts – including Students, Faculty, Administration, Analysts and Partners – to better inform our strategy and approach to developing and delivering services, products and solutions that are in demand, and complement our existing areas of focus.