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Global Network

Doing business globally from local perspectives

The Ricoh Group has sales and support, production, and research and development operations in around 200 countries and regions under regional headquarters in USA, UK, Singapore, and Japan.

Global Network

Sales and Support

In sales and services, we have built a global network and maintain a four-point regional headquarters structure-Japan, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, we constantly work to expand the service business and strengthen the structure while taking steps to foster local harmony and consistency in our global strategies.


Ricoh bases its global manufacturing and supply system on two key concepts. One is to site plants where the overriding considerations are efficiency and quality. The other is to manufacture where the prime requirement is to accommodate the demands of local customers. All four business regions now have structures in which sales and production operations coordinate closely to swiftly deliver products and services that match local requirements.

Research and Development

We built a global research and development structure that harnesses outstanding talent and technical assets to innovate leading-edge technologies for a worldwide market. These R&D units draw on local capabilities in collaborating in everything from basic to applied research and commercialization development and endeavor to swiftly reflect customer requirements in our products and services.

  • Ricoh Global Services
    Discover how we are driving value for our global customers. Ricoh Global Services provides extensive and consistent global and local management and support through our network of direct sales and support channels.

The Ricoh Group Brands

Since 1995 Ricoh has embarked on an ambitious strategy to increase its global distribution network. The Ricoh Group brands now comprise of Gestetner, Rex-Rotary, Nashuatec, Lanier, Savin and Infotec, with each brand having its own particular area of competence and customer base. The Ricoh Group currently enjoys No.1 market share in Europe and the USA.

The Ricoh Group prides itself on providing the highest level of technology and service in all markets.


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