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Utilizing AI for more efficient and
productive ways of working
Utilizing AI for more efficient and productive ways of working

Intelligent workstyles

Making meetings more efficient to facilitate swift decision-making

Unnecessarily frequent and lengthy meetings, and the ensuing scheduling adjustments and incessant forwarding of minutes, with misunderstandings due to the language barrier added to the mix are commonplace. The unnecessary workload created by such meetings is one of the big challenges that face any organization.
However, an electronic whiteboard that utilizes AI, for example, can not only be controlled using voice commands, but will also automatically draw up the meeting minutes & distribute them to attendees. It can also translate in real time what participants say and share it with the non-native language speakers joining the meeting remotely.
This electronic whiteboard streamlines meetings and facilitates the orchestration of a variety of ideas to enable creative collaboration. It fosters speedy and accurate decisions. Nothing produces more efficient and effective work than instant feedback.

Share information and make decisions, regardless of place or time

You can create a "space" where you can quickly gather when you need to share information or make decisions, regardless of time zone or location, by using a combination of Ricoh's interactive whiteboards (electronic whiteboards), teleconferencing/web conferencing systems and projectors. We also offer services that include the know-how and solutions to help you streamline and galvanize your work using these products.
Total support for your work environment and data infrastructure is sure to help you work smarter. Ricoh offers solutions designed to create more productive workstyles and workplaces.

Fulfillment through Work

Fulfillment can be defined as a feeling gained from achievement and self-development.​
RICOH enables individuals to work smarter, and by providing fulfillment through work, we will enhance the quality of life.