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History of Innovation


Ricoh started out helping people share information by marketing communication products: sensitized paper and cameras. Since then, Ricoh has successively drawn on the image processing technologies it garnered developing copiers and facsimile machines to enhance the productivity of its customers.

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Ricoh’s legacy/ a history of innovation

  • 2013 RICOH THETA

    World first*

    A spherical camera can capture an entire 360° scenes around the photographer with a single shutter release.

    *As a mass-produced, consumer product capable of capturing the scene around, above and below the device in a fully spherical image (as of October 2013, based on Ricoh Imaging Company Ltd. research).

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  • 2011 RICOH PJ

    World’s closest

    Ultra-short-throw projector. The distance between the back of the unit and the projection surface is only 11.7 centimeters.

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  • 2001 JPEG2000
    -compliant LSI

    World first

    Image processing semiconductor. This is the world’s first of its kind to process video.

    JPEG2000 -compliant LSI
  • 1990 ARTAGE 8000

    World first

    High-speed digital full-color copier. Capable of printing 15 digital color pages per minute, the world’s fastest speed for machines of its kind at that time.

    ARTAGE 8000
  • 1973 RIFAX 600S

    World first

    This is the world’s first high-speed facsimile machine for office use. Capable of transmitting one A4-sized paper per minute, which took six minutes by conventional means at that time. It contributed to the popularization of facsimile machines.

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    RIFAX 600S
  • 1955 RICOPY101

    Japan first

    This is Japan’s first desktop diazo copier integrating light exposure and development process. With this product, Ricoh entered the office equipment field.

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