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FY2014 Interim Financial Announcement
ended September 30, 2013

Date : October 31, 2013
Time : 6:00pm-7:00pm
Place : LEVEL XXI Tokyo Kaikan
Contents : Mr. Daisuke Segawa, Corporate Senior Vice President of Ricoh Company, Ltd., explained FY2014/3 Q2 results using materials below.
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Presentation Materials Financial Highlights /Appendix

Results Presentation

Presentation text (essence)(PDF:63KB)

Q&A Session


What is the reason for the deviation from the plan in operating income for the first half of FY2014/03?


Expense for structural reform planned for the latter half of the year was accelerated.
Costs related to lack of new products increased and sales targets were not achieved.


Why did SG&A expenses increase compared to the first half of last fiscal year?


To add to forex, we reinforced our sales system in emerging markets and expanded our service business and overseas production system.


How about inquiries and sales promotion on new products for the latter half of the year?


New products are highly evaluated by customers for basic specs such as energy saving, space saving and additionally cloud networking capability.
Global sales activities began full scale.


Why were net sales revised upward from the previous forecast?


Because new MFP products contributed fully and the Network System Solutions business is expected to continue to grow.