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Version Upgrade Information

RICOH Unified Communication System update

Update Update October 30, 2015
Version V2.4.1
Copyrights Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Reproduction conditions Reproduction prohibited
Version confirmation and update method Install the latest version from the download page.
Models supported RICOH Unified Communication System for Windows®

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Update information

Date Version Overview of functions added/revised
15/10/30 V2.4.1 Fixed problem below
  • When the audio settings are changed before the meeting starts, the configuration changes might not be reflected.
  • The "Use TCP Port (443)" setting might not be saved in the application.
Functions improvement or specs change
  • Improved the audio quality.
15/08/26 V2.4.0 Version upgrade content
  • Supported Dynamic Media Control Technology.
  • Improved audio quality : supported Impulse noise reducer and High-performance echo canceller.
  • Changed some screen layout.
  • Supported Windows 10 (32, 64bit / Home, Pro, Enterprise)
  • Fixes an issue meeting participants list when the number of participants exceeds 20.
15/02/09 V2.2.2 Version upgrade content
  • 7 minor problems have been fixed.
  • Link icon for help has been added on the application.
14/05/07 V2.2.1 Version upgrade content
■Overview of functions reviced
  • OpenSSL vulnerability has been fixed
13/11/21 V2.0.1 Fixed problem below
  • When sharing a PC screen, flickering could occur with the screen displayed on the application. The frequency of occurrence of this phenomenon has been reduced for Windows Vista/7.
  • A problem has been fixed where even if you had configured your application as 「do not use proxy」, IE proxy settings were used when trying to start a conference.
  • When logging in, the time spent to cancel the login process has been reduced.
13/08/11 V2.0.0
  • 1.Displaying Contact Names during a Meeting
    • You can choose whether to display the contact names during a meeting.
      If you choose to display the contact names, the names are displayed in the other parties' videos. your contact name is also displayed in your video.
  • 2.Limited bandwidth
    • To accommodate the needs of your network environment, you can reduce the network bandwidth used during a meeting.
  • 3.Document share
    • Be able to share in the full-screen application.
  • 4.Contact list
    • It is possible to add to contact list up to 200.
13/03/26 V1.0.2
  • Changed the link URL for the "Forgot password" link on the login screen.

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