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RICOH Smart Presenter iPad/iPhone/iPhone & RICOH Smart Presenter Eliminate waste and facilitate meetings iPad/iPhone/iPhone & RICOH Smart Presenter Eliminate waste and facilitate meetings

Holding meetings is common practice in organizations of every description, not least in the world of business. Paperwork has long been a concern but definitive solutions to the issues—printing cost and the burden of preparing, distributing, and collecting documents, and ensuring information security—were lacking.
The RICOH Smart Presenter is an easy-to-operate paperless meeting solution running on the iPad/iPhone.
Its advantages include enhanced efficiency of work associated with meetings, reduced costs and better communication.

RICOH Smart Presenter concept


Issue 1 : "Printing documents for meetings is costly. There has to be a cheaper way."

Documents can run to hundreds of pages.
The costs of paper and toner are not negligible.

Solution 1 : Sharing and viewing of documents on iPad/iPhone. Say goodbye to printing costs.

No more use of consumables (paper, toner, etc.)

Issue 2 : "Paperwork is troublesome and time consuming. Do we really have to do it?"

Preparing documents wastes time and labor. Once documents are bound, replacing pages to reflect subsequent changes and additions is a major headache.

Issue 2 : Distribution of documents on iPad/iPhone. Last-minute changes can be easily reflected.

Elimination of the need for manual labor for stapling documents, replacing changed pages, distributing the documents, etc.

Issue 3 : "Trying to ensure information security with a paper-based documentation is inherently difficult."

Documents containing confidential information have to be collected after meetings.

Issue 3 : Confidential information can be deleted from iPad/iPhone upon completion of a meeting

  • Prevention of leakage of information from distributed documents
  • Elimination of the need to collect and shred documents


Case 1 : Routine internal meeting

Case 1 : Routine internal meeting

Elimination of paperwork and the cost of printing

It's a typical meeting but…
There are no documents on the table.
Everyone has an iPad/iPhone.
RICOH Smart Presenter shows documents on the screen of every tablet.
"We no longer need to print documents."
"We can reduce costs. It's refreshing to have an uncluttered table. Good ideas are more likely to bubble up."

Case 2 : Board meeting

Case 2 : Board meeting

Ensuring security of confidential information

Paperless presentation using iPad/iPhone & RICOH Smart Presenter at a board meeting
Lack of familiarity with the iPad/iPhone is not a problem when using the synchronous mode for page display.
Since no paper documents are distributed,
there are none to be collected.
Today's agenda is introduction of an information security system.

Case 3 : Seminars and workshops

Case 3 : Seminars and workshops

Want to have a big impact?

We want to achieve differentiation from competitors
by making a strong impression on the people attending this seminar.
So we decided to use iPad/iPhone & RICOH Smart Presenter.
There is no need to print and bind lots of documents.
It's easy to highlight key points in real time during the seminar.
We are confident everyone will be captivated by our presentation.

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