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Maintaining Ricoh's corporate value on behalf of all stakeholders

The Ricoh Group established The RICOH Way as a set of guiding principles and values that serves as the foundation for all our business activities. Abiding by these principles in corporate ethics and compliance and maintaining transparency in management, we continuously strive to improve our governance, and in doing so ultimately enhance our corporate value.

Corporate Governance

We strongly believe that responsible global citizenship calls for a corporate culture that embraces a sense of mission to meet the expectations of diverse stakeholders—a culture that is committed to operating under the highest ethical standards in line with the expectations of society as a whole.
Based on this belief, we advance the operations of the entire Group under The RICOH Way, strengthening our governance and ceaselessly promoting a culture of integrity while working toward sustainable corporate growth.
The Ricoh Group has also introduced a corporate audit system, in which audit and supervisory board members strengthen the effectiveness of audits and the monitoring of top management, while the Board of Directors, including outside directors, maintains strict oversight over the decision-making process to make sure it is always transparent and fair. Furthermore, by expanding the executive officer system, the segregating of duties between oversight and business execution is clarified, resulting in speedier decision-making.
The Group has also implemented an integrated risk management system for both business opportunities and business execution, and it follows internal control procedures to achieve the success of our corporate strategies and business targets.

Governance structure
Governance structure

Comments from Outside Directors

Solid management with a diverse perspective vital to building new core businesses

Mochio Umeda

Mochio Umeda (Date of birth: August 30, 1960)

Director (outside) and Member of Nomination and Compensation Committee
Since June 2010

(Currently) President, MUSE Associates, LLC. (U.S.A.); Representative Director and President of MUSE ASSOCIATES INC.; Managing Director, Pacifica Fund I, LP.; Director, innovation, Co., Ltd.

Mr. Umeda has advanced knowledge of information technology and experience in global business. This gives him expert ability to analyze our decision-making process and offer valuable recommendations from an outside perspective. He attended 9 out of 11 Board meetings held in fiscal 2015.

Prioritize safety, the environment and compliance, and become a corporation capable of contributing even more to society

Kunio Noji

Kunio Noji (Date of birth: November 17, 1946)

Director (outside) and Member of Nomination and Compensation Committee
Since June 2012

(Currently) Chairman of the Board, Komatsu Ltd.; Outside Director, NEC Corporation

Mr. Noji was president and CEO of Komatsu Ltd. He has abundant experience and expertise as a member of top management of one of the leading companies in Japan. We believe that this wealth of experience and knowledge will greatly benefit our decision-making process, and Mr. Noji will be able to offer us useful advice and counsel from an independent perspective. He attended 9 out of 11 Board meetings held in fiscal 2015.

Apply a broad perspective to identify and pursue new business opportunities with “courage and decisiveness”

Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma (Date of birth: May 25, 1945)

Director (outside) and Member of Nomination and Compensation Committee
Since June 2014

(Currently) Professor, Graduate School of Innovation Studies, Tokyo University of Science; Advisory Professor, Tsing Hua University (China)

Mr. Azuma was senior vice president and executive officer and CTO (chief technology officer) of Toshiba Corporation and is currently a professor at Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Innovation Studies. His wealth of knowledge regarding technology strategy and managerial expertise will help shape and integrate our decision making and guide our efforts with an objective, expert perspective. He attended all 9 Board meetings held in fiscal 2015.