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Strategy -19th Environmental Action Plan-

The Ricoh Group’s 19th Environmental Action Plan (Fiscal 2017 to 2019)

The Ricoh Group established the new Environmental Action Plan in accordance with the 19th Medium-Term Management Plan (fiscal 2017 to 2019).
The strategic priorities and goals were mainly set with the following objectives in mind:

  • Achieve Environmental Goals
  • Contribute to business growth and the enhancement of corporate value
  • Strengthen cooperation with society/stakeholders
  • Achieve consistency with midterm management strategies

Based on the Plan, the Ricoh Group will promote environmental management to help bring about a sustainable society as well as ensuring the longevity of the Ricoh Group.
The 19th Environmental Action Plan can be summarized as follows.

1. Energy Conservation/Prevention of Global Warming

Reduce CO2 emissions through eco-friendly products and solutions
[Action Item] Promote product energy saving through Ricoh Sustainable Products Program

[Target] Achievement ratio of voluntary standard for product energy saving
FY2017 190%
FY2018 195%
FY2019 200%
Scope: All categories of Imaging Equipments

Reduce GHG related to business activities
[Action Item] Reduce GHG emissions by process improvement and utilization of electricity from renewable energy sources

[Target] Reduce the amount of CO2 emissions (scope 1,2) to improve compared on the previous year's level in each fiscal year.

2. Resource Conservation and Recycling

Improve the efficiency of resources by implementing the 3Rs for products
[Action Item] Reduce input of new resources to achieve 2020 environmental goals

[Target] Improve resource conservation rate for products compared on the previous year's level in each fiscal year.
※FY2016 results:21.9%

Reduce discharged waste in business activities
[Action Item] Reduce waste from business activities

[Target] Reduce the amount of waste proportionate to sales to improve on the previous year's level in each fiscal year.

Reduce emissions of water in business activities
[Action Item] Minimize water consumption in business activities

[Target] Reduce water usage proportionate to sales to improve on the previous year's level in each fiscal year.

3. Pollution Prevention

Reduce the amount of environmentally sensitive substances used and emitted in business activities
[Action Item] Reduce & control use/emissions of environmentally hazardous chemical substances

[Target] Reduce the chemical substance usage / emissions to improve on the previous year's level in each fiscal year.

4. Biodiversity Conservation

Conduct biodiversity conservation and restoration by all of the Ricoh Group
[Action Item] Promote forest diversity conservation projects

[Target] Step up to an action more involving local stakeholders than before.

[Action Item] Launch & manage 7 biodiversity conservation site projects with stakeholders

[Target] Launch 7 sites projects in Japan within 3 years where Ricoh group can act in one united body, and speed up collaboration with stakeholders.

[Action Item] Human capital development to promote biodiversity conservation activities which are engaged with stakeholders

[Target] Develop human resources who can plan and promote activities which involve stakeholders based on activity areas, partners and activity contents.

[Action Item] Promote biodiversity conservation activities in company-owned forests

[Target] Make collaboration activities with local people and raise the generation program take root which has been built in 3 years from 2014, and also increase opportunities as collaboration sites with stakeholders and expand and improve environmental education program.

[Action Item] Promote biodiversity conservation activities with stakeholders

[Target] Quantify results of stakeholder's collaboration by participants increasing ratio and promote its activity.

[Action Item] Proactive use wood-based products carefully in consideration of biodiversity

[Target] Strengthen procurement activities based on Ricoh's wood-based products procurement policy

5. Enhance the Basis for Environmental Management

Promote the development of environmental technologies
[Action Item] Promote Ricoh Sustainable Products Program

[Target] The products certified with RSPP Product Rank(In-house development)
FY2017 : The ratio of the products certified with RSPP Product Rank: 70%
FY2018 : The ratio of the products certified with RSPP Product Rank: 90%
FY2019 : The ratio of the products certified with RSPP Product Rank: 100%

Expand environmental business
[Action Item] Global deployment of Sustainability Optimization Program

[Target] Make best use of Sustainability Optimization Program(SOP) which proposes reduction of TCO and environmental impacts at customers' sites and promote global environmental impact reduction activities with customers' involvement.

[Action Item] Promote environmental business development

[Target] Promotion of environmental business that is being developed at Ricoh eco business development center etc.

Collaboration with stakeholders
[Action Item] Promote engagement with third parties toward sustainable society development

[Target] Contribute development of sustainable society through proactive collaboration with third parties

[Action Item] Raise environment awareness among employees

[Target] Have environmental enlightenment events and release information by involving Ricoh group companies which operate global business, and foster employees' environmental awareness.

[Action Item] Promote activities which help improvement of suppliers' management quality

[Target] Proactive support for CO2 reduction of suppliers and deploy the activities