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Vision -Long-Term Environmental Vision and Goals-

Advanced nations need to reduce their environmental impact to one-eighth the fiscal 2000 levels by 2050. Based on this perception, the Ricoh Group has established the mid- and long-term environmental impact reduction goals for the three key areas of energy conservation, resource conservation, and pollution prevention.

Importance of environmental conservation actions that are based on a long-term vision

To conserve the global environment and achieve a sustainable society, it is necessary to limit environmental impact to a level within the Earth's self-recovery capabilities. To meet this requirement, we must first envision an ideal society and global environment; then we must create a long-term vision to realize our ideals and aggressively promote environmental conservation activities. Global environmental conservation is a challenge for which there is no second chance, and we will never be able to sufficiently realize our vision if we act on short-term goals. Recognizing this, the Ricoh Group has analyzed a variety of data collected from IPCC* reports and a number of other sources. In 2050, the world's population will already have exceeded nine billion. It is possible that by this time fossil and mineral resources will have been depleted and our ability to use land in the way we would like will be restricted. At the same time, the world may have shifted from oil to alternative energy sources, which likely would have led to substantial changes in social and business models. But whatever changes the future may bring, what we know for sure right now is that if the corporations of the world stick to their business-as-usual approach and continue to increase their environmental impact, then sooner or later the Earth will become too seriously damaged to retain its self-sustaining capability and we will find ourselves heading down an irreversible path of destruction. With this in mind, the Ricoh Group formulated the Year 2050 Long-Term Environmental Vision in 2005. In doing so, we recognized that advanced nations need to reduce their environmental impact to one-eighth of fiscal 2000 levels by 2050 and concluded that it was necessary to set up specific action plans under this vision.

  • *Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Two scenarios for reducing global environmental impact

Two scenarios for reducing global environmental impact

  • *Tolerable level = 100