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Environmental Labels TypeIII - Type III Environmental Declaration -


The objectives and advantages of disclosing environmental information for these products (Type III Environmental Declaration) are stated below:

  1. As indexes to display the overall environmental conservation activities of the Ricoh group, we will use the information for effective environmental conservation activities in various fields.
  2. Through active information disclosure, our aim is to enable all users to understand our efforts and to make employees aware that their participation is essential.
  3. We put our efforts into research and promoting product information disclosure, including the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method.
  4. We suggest to users environmentally-sound ways of using our products, such as duplex (double-sided) copying. We seek customers' cooperation in our efforts to contribute to conserving the global environment.

We do not intend to compare our products with others. Many parts of the LCA method still need to be clarified. The background data for calculation is not yet satisfactory. As stated above, our intention in promoting environmental information disclosure is to use it as a way to seek public evaluation of Ricoh's approach to environmental conservation so that we can continue our efforts to improve that approach.

We understand that the final form of the Type III Environmental Declaration is yet to be fully discussed at ISO. We will welcome the prompt and firm establishment of this system. This time, we have decided to try out the declaration system and third-party certification as a case study. We hope that knowledge and experience gained from this case study will be effective for future studies on the Type III Environmental Declaration system.