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Operation sites

From the global perspective, Ricoh Group companies are conducting research activities to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, and performing locally-oriented design activities. Multi-language translation is one of the design-oriented activities that we have been working on with each of our overseas design sections.

Operation sites

Appliances: "Think customer first" for usability and convenience

Ricoh Group companies focus thoroughly on the goals of “product usability and convenience” and creation of “appliance” products that provide new value for our customers. To achieve these goals, we are conducting activities to improve our knowledge of our customers' requirements and unique circumstances. Because of the increase in networked working environments, creation of “appliance” products is becoming more important to Ricoh Group companies.

Universal design: providing usability and convenience to as many users as possible

Ricoh Group companies are manufacturing products built on universal design concepts, so we can provide products with enhanced usability and convenience to as many customers as possible. We consider it important to provide optimum products to each customer, regardless of whether they are physically impaired or unimpaired, or young or old. We believe that provision of user-customizable products is also an important consideration.
As a major company in the color MFP and printer industry, we are also engaged in Color Universal Design (CUD) activities.

Design evaluation activities

To formulate our design solutions (proposals), we are striving to learn the requirements and expectations of our customers, while utilizing the results of research into ergonomics and sense-of-quality engineering. To assess the validity of or verify our design solutions (proposals), we are utilizing usability assessments based on customer feedback.
User assessment consists of monitor evaluations and checklist evaluations. Monitor evaluations involve observation of customers who use our products in their workplaces, and checklist evaluations involve specialists. Ricoh Group companies aim to provide products that “inspire our customers”, and for this reason, we are conducting sense-of-quality evaluations.

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