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Design roles

RICOH values consist of “Harmonize with the environment”, “Simplify your life & work”, and “Simplify knowledge creation”. Providing Ricoh products based on the RICOH values, we concentrate on creation of new value.
For creation of new value, we are always asking ourselves - “What is real usability that is beneficial to our customers?”, “How can we serve our customers who wish to 'simplify knowledge creation'?”, which is one of our business targets that follows productivity improvement. By so doing, we will provide new values for the world.

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Establishing Ricoh-style design

Ricoh strives to “offer excellent, Ricoh-like products that are always user-friendly and provide convenience” to enhance customer expectation and reliability. We will provide high quality products that satisfy and impress our customers.

Establishing Ricoh-style design

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Sectional commitment

To create Ricoh products based on RICOH values and provide them for our customers, Corporate Design Center offers designing services (functions) through five sections and localization services.

Innovation Design Office
This section will provide new values for creation of future business trends. While engaging in innovative design research from long-term perspectives covering future working styles in network society, this section will also concentrate on design research for products and services in new business fields.
Product Design Office
This section aims to provide solutions to challenges in photography and office work. It also predicts future photography and working environments, and presents design concepts for new lifestyles, conveniences, and attractive features.
The solutions this section can provide include product impression, operability, and sensitivity (touch, operational feelings, etc.)
Interactive Design Office
This section provides interactive design solutions that include consistent impression and operability in all operation windows of devices and computers, based on universal design concepts that facilitate operation by various users, and product design that enhances customer reliability.
Graphics/Packaging Design
To inform users of the invaluable features and services of Ricoh products, this section provides consistent design solutions that make Ricoh products appealing. These solutions can be applied to product graphics, packaging design, catalogues, and web sites for new products.
Document Design Office
Planning, production, and translation of operation manuals are essential operations in the creation of products based on RICOH values (“Simplify your life & work”, etc). For this reason, we regard these as elements of design functions. We pay attention to “precise descriptions”, “high information retrievability” and “usability”, and concentrate on producing operation manuals that are easy for our customers to use.
Document Design Office
Our customers around the world love Ricoh products. To enhance the usability of our products, we are using a unique localization system that provides documentation for the countries or regions in which our products are used.