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Global Policy for Social Contribution Activities

The Ricoh Group has set fundamental principles on social contribution by which all Group companies around the world abide. We believe that by conducting social contribution activities based on a common concept, we can maximize the effects of our contributions toward solving challenges. Under these principles, individual Group companies are implementing measures by leveraging the Group’s strengths human and other resources.

The Ricoh Group's global policy on social contribution activities

The Ricoh Group, mindful of its responsibility as a corporate citizen, respects the cultures and customs of all countries and regions, joining in active partnership with like-minded people and inspiring employees to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and planet.
Reflecting a deep understanding of social issues in various parts of the world, our group companies carry out social activities focusing on several priority areas.




At the Ricoh Group, we are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability.

Principles of Action

CSR Charter

Code of Conduct

Harmony with Society

  • Every company in the Ricoh Group will. as a good corporate citizen, actively engage in activities that contribute to society.
  • Every company in the Ricoh Group will respect the culture and customs of its country or region, and will operate so as to contribute to their development.

Practical contributions to society

  • Engage in activities that contribute to the local community.
  • Foster a corporate ethos that places importance on contributions to society.

Priority Areas


Community Development Global Environmental Conservation Raising the Next Generation


Global Environmental Conservation
Community Development
Raising the Next Generation

*Only relevant parts from the Ricoh Way, CSR Charter and Code of Conduct are cited

Our vision in three focus areas

Global Environmental Conservation

Global Environmental Conservation

The Ricoh Group accepts its responsibility as a global citizen and proactively takes action to preserve the global environment based on the Ricoh Group Environmental Principles. Recognizing that all our stakeholders depend on the ecosystem and that biodiversity plays an indispensable role in ensuring its health, the Ricoh Group has developed and launched the Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy in order to maintain and improve the self-recovery capabilities of the Earth. In addition to reducing environmental impact, we have been striving to conserve biodiversity to support a sustainable global environment. Furthermore, regarding environmental conservation, it is important that each employee has a sense of being a global citizen and voluntarily acts accordingly within and outside the company. The Ricoh Group is committed to environmental conservation with many employees around the world participating in biodiversity and other environment conservation activities.

Community Development

Community Development

A corporation is an integral member of the community and we conduct our business with the support of local communities. The Ricoh Group aims to coexist and develop in harmony within the countries in which it operates, contributing to the mutual development of both society and the local community based on their needs.
At the same time, as a global company, it is necessary to contribute to developing countries, which face many challenges. In addition to promoting social activities by utilizing the company's resources, including technology and human resources, the Ricoh Group conducts activities for economic development in cooperation with local inhabitants. Through these activities, we support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals while cooperating with all of our stakeholders, and contribute to our business growth.

Raising the Next Generation

Raising the Next Generation

The future is in the hands of our children and young adults, and we aim to help realize a "sustainable society." Society at large needs to work collectively to resolve various problems around the world that the next generation will face, and this means that companies must play a role as well.
The Ricoh Group implements activities to continuously elevate the next generation by utilizing its resources, including products, technologies and human resources, in order to cooperate with parents, schools, communities and NPO's to provide environments conducive to learning and growing independently. Companies can create an environment whereby children who join a company-sponsored scheme can dream, change and develop into successful contributors to society. Ricoh positions this as a "Social Innovation" cycle of sustainable development for both companies and society.

PDCA Cycle for Social Contribution Activities

To best solve social issues, we maximize the efficiency of each activity around the world through the PDCA cycle and common group indicators. By knowledge sharing and horizontal development, we strive for consistency among group companies.

PDCA Cycle for Social Contribution Activities

Upholding the two principles of "contribution to resolution of social issues through business activities" and "commitment to and responsibility for social contribution," we are engaged in a variety of social contribution programs globally.

Education Support Program in India
BOP Project
Support activities for people and areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
The Ichimura Nature School Kanto*
Ricoh Science Caravan*
Forest ecosystem conservation projects*
Ena Forest Projects
Environmental volunteer leader activities
Social Contribution Club "Free Will"

  • Programs marked with a (*) are funded under Ricoh's social contribution reserve system, established to underpin its stable and persistent social engagement. Under this system established in 1998, a portion of profits is allocated to fund our social contribution activities, including The Ichimura Nature School Kanto, Ricoh Science Caravan, forest ecosystem conservation projects, and Ena Forest Projects, after obtaining approval at the shareholders’ meeting.