Technology News 2014


"Audio Technology to Support Video Conference Systems", "Dynamic Media Control Technology", and "Camera Image Processing Technology" have been posted.
Sept. 19
"Precision Polishing/Cleaning Technology –Agglomerated Abrasive Grain –" has been posted.
Sept. 12
"Multi-spectroscopic Camera" has been updated.
Sept. 10
"Aqueous Resin Type Inkjet Ink" has been posted.
Jul. 31
"Smart Position Motor System" has been posted.
Jul. 30
"Spherical Imaging Device" has been posted.
Jul. 8
"Complete Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell" has been posted.
Jul. 4
"Intern interview: Mr. Mohsin Munir", "RICOH & Java™ Developer Challenge Plus", and
White Paper " Development Process Innovation  - A Concept for Increasing Customer Value (PDF:34P/1,072KB)" have been posted.
May 12
"Technology site" has been renewed.
Apr. 15
"Rewritable Recording Technology" has been renewed.
Mar. 28
"Super-resolution Patterning Technique Using Inorganic Material" has been updated.

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