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Executive Message

To Our Stakeholders and Customers

Zenji Miura
Zenji Miura
President and CEO

Since its establishment in 1936, Ricoh has helped raise office productivity with its innovative technology. Today, the Ricoh Group offers products-including a diverse line of office imaging equipment-as well as related solutions and services in approximately 200 countries and regions around the world. In recent years, the Group’s operating environment has changed significantly. Consequently, the imaging and solutions domains?Ricoh’s core businesses?are approaching a key turning point.

Against this backdrop, Ricoh worked to reform the business structure of the Group itself. During the 17th Mid-term Management Plan, which ran from April 2011 through March 2014, we were able to shift to a new profit model that provides customers with greater value by transforming a traditional product-based business into a new model composed of both products and services. In addition, we were able to expand business in emerging markets, grow our new production printing business, and create other new businesses, with an emphasis on industrial products.

Building on these results, the 18th Mid-term Management Plan, which began in April 2014, looks toward 2020 and beyond and guides us toward our future ideal-a corporate group making customers feel “confident, comfortable and convenient.” To reach this goal, we will emphasize businesses in the office business domain and accelerate approaches in growth fields, namely, the commercial printing business domain, industrial business domain and consumer business domain. We will reinforce technological strengths and the close relationship we have built with our customers, and anticipate market changes to spur new value creation.

With today’s rapidly changing world, the Ricoh Group will implement reforms that deliver a level of speed and dynamism to outlive and outlast the changes that characterize the operating environment. We stride with confidence toward the future, encouraged by the corporate tagline “imagine. change.”-an expression reflecting power, generated by leveraging the collective imagination of individuals, to change the future. Our vision extends beyond prevailing customer needs; we seek to anticipate future requirements that customers themselves may not yet be aware of and create new lifestyles. Naturally, the Ricoh Group will continue to emphasize profit creation. But ultimately, the goal is to be well-trusted by customers and society as a whole, and we will articulate the type of company we want to be in the future and constantly evolve to reach that status to ensure corporate sustainability and growth.

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September 2014