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Communication:Environmental Communication with Stakeholders –Use of renewable energy–

Use of green electricity in official matches of Japanese rugby’s Top League

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Three official 2013-2014 season nighttime matches of Japanese rugby’s Top League (hosted by the Japan Rugby Union Football (JRUF)) were played using lighting from natural energies. The three matches, all played at the Chichibunomiya Ground at Tokyo, were Ricoh vs. Coca-Cola West on August 31, Ricoh vs. Canon on September 13, and Ricoh vs. Toshiba on September 27.
Using the Certificate of Green Power issued by the Japan Natural Energy Company Limited and purchased by Ricoh, Ricoh is regarded as having provided green power to the value of 6,000kWh (2,000kWh per match) to power the large displays at the ground and the floodlighting. This represents 2.3 tons of CO2, with 2,000kWh, the amount of electricity used by an average household over the course of seven months.
With regard to external usage of electricity, Ricoh is enthusiastic in its use of green power, providing the electricity for one Top League match in 2010 and further four matches in 2012.

* For more details, please visit the Ricoh Black Rams official web site at: (Read the story dated September 14, 2010.) (Japanese only)