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List of Scan Setting Items

You can specify the following settings in this application:

Setting Item


Saving Destination

Specify the location where the scanned data is saved.

The default is [App File Folder].

Select [App File Folder] to save the scanned data to the smart device.

Select [Send Email via Machine] to send the scanned data via e-mail to the specified e-mail address. You can select the e-mail address from the address book of the smart device.

When specifying [Send Email via Machine], configure the settings with [File Transfer] in the machine as follows:

  • Specify [Administrator's Email Address]

  • Specify [On] for [Auto Specify Sender Name]

Specify [Show with Projector] to project the scanned data with the projector.

Specify [Send to Whiteboard] to display the scanned data on the whiteboard.


  • Use the following alphanumeric characters and a period:

    • 0–9, a–z, A–Z (Entering a period at the beginning or end of an e-mail address or sequential periods is not allowed.)

  • An error occurs if any of the following symbols is entered:

    • ! # $ % & ' * + - / = ? ^ _ ` { | } ~

  • An error occurs if an e-mail address:

    • Includes characters other than single-byte characters

  • Is not in the form of a "string" or "string1@string2"

  • [Show with Projector] and [Send to Whiteboard] appear when [ON] is selected in [Projector] or [Whiteboard] under [Navigation Display Item] on the [Settings] menu.

  • Files projected on or sent to a whiteboard are not saved in the smart device.

Original Type

Specify the type of scanning to use.

The default is [B&W Text/Line Art].


Specify the output resolution.

The default is [200 dpi].

File Type

Specify the format to save scanned data.

The default is [JPEG].

Scan Size

Specify the size of the original to scan.

The default is [Auto Detect].

Original Sides

Specify whether to scan both sides of the original using the ADF.

The default is [1 Sided].

Original Orientation

Specify the orientation of the original.

The default is [Readable Direction].


  • Use the auto document feeder (ADF) if the original you want to scan is printed on both sides of the paper or consists of multiple pages. When you scan the original using the exposure glass, specify the settings of this application for each page. If you are using a machine without the ADF to scan a multiple page original, specify settings on the machine instead of using this application.

  • If the original you want to scan consists of many pages, or the scan resolution is set too high, scanning may take a long time. Also, the application may be suspended unintentionally due to insufficient memory on the smart device. If normal scanning cannot be performed, scan fewer pages at one time, or reduce the scan resolution.

  • Operate the machine to view the job history log of [Send Email via Machine].