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List of Fax Setting Items

You can specify the following settings in this application:

Setting Item



Specify the fax destination of the scanned data.

You can select the fax number from the address book of the smart device.

Use 20 or less digits for a fax number.

Original Type

Specify the type of scanning to use.

The default is [Text].


Specify the output resolution.

The default is [Standard].

Scan Size

Specify the size of the original.

The default is [Auto Detect].

Original Sides

Specify whether to scan both sides of the original using the ADF.

The default is [1 Sided].

Original Orientation

Specify the orientation of the original.

The default is [Readable Direction].

Density Control

Specify the output density.

The default is [Auto:ON].


  • Use the auto document feeder (ADF) if the original you want to send by fax is printed on both sides or consists of multiple pages. When you place the original to be faxed on the exposure glass, the settings for this application needs to be specified for each page. If you are using a machine without the ADF to fax an original of multiple pages, specify settings on the machine instead of using this application.

  • Operate the machine to view the fax transmission history.